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When One Door Closes

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

I have a heart for bringing awareness to the effects of child abuse and the recovery process. I'm a survivor and I wrote a book about it. Occasionally, along with my interviews with distinguished and talented individuals, I will be interviewing survivors of child abuse and domestic violence. Sometimes people don't like to hear about this issue because it makes them feel uncomfortable. The truth is we need to bring this out in the open at lighting speed in order to save another child from being a victim.

This past weekend, Don and I took a trip to the Jimmy Jack Foundation in Snyder, Oklahoma. I had the opportunity to interview a young lady in her early twenties who has been through the system due to her abuse as a child. She is a beautiful young lady both inside and out. She has come a long way and yet the emotional damage is still somewhat evident. Her name is Dani Carson. She shared with me portions of her childhood and at times fought back tears as she relieved some painful memories.

Fortunately, she found music to be a safe place for her. She gave us a taste of her musical ability when she sang the song she had co-written with award-winning producer and songwriter Jimmy Jack Whitaker. I hope you will watch her performance and cheer her on as she continues to heal and helps us bring awareness to this critical issue.

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