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Bringing Awareness to the Effects of Child Abuse

We took the Making It Happen TV Show on the road to interview Dani Carson at the Jimmy Jack Foundation for Kids in Snyder, Oklahoma.  This is Dani's journey through abuse and neglect.  We are so proud of her - she was a little emotional singing her song after our interview and yet she is a trooper and did a fantastic job.

Victoria Discussing Her Experience of Child Abuse

Victoria Discussing Abuse


Gov. Brad Henry

"Child Abuse is not a topic that is easy to talk about, much less confront, but it is critical that we do so.  All too often, the tragedy of child abuse perpetuates itself, a vicious cycle in which the victim can become the perpetrator.  I commend Victoria for her compassion, courage and determination to make a real difference.  It is my hope that her book can help break the cycle of child abuse and provide a measure of comfort to those who are impacted by this societal ill."

Journalist, Bob Losure

"Victoria has tackled the issue of abuse head-on, and I applaud her for for shedding some light on what is a national tragedy occurring every day in America.  I know this book is going to inspire many to free themselves from years of secrecy about their own imprisonment with abuse, and inspire still others to be vigilant in actively identifying those who are crying out inside for someone who will help them."


Claudette Selph

The Parent Child Center of Tulsa

"Victoria provides insightful wisdom in her riveting book "A Way Out."  She enables us as readers to have a much greater understanding of how being a victim can trap an individual into a life of victimization.  The cycle must be interrupted.  Every life is too precious to be "scarred" from such horrendous ongoing abuse.  Those who read this story will be filled with a compassionate spirit to make a difference in the lives of our most precious gift, our children."

Mayor Bill Lafortune

"The unfortunate and shocking truth of the vicious cycle of abuse is all too obvious in the number of men and women that today are warehoused in prisons.  Perhaps a book such as Victoria's can be used to break this cycle by informing and educating parents, children and the general public on what they should look for and avoid.  Then and only then, will our children once more be treated as our most prized possessions."

John Venturella, Businessman

"The awesomeness and miracle of the human spirit's ability to survive shines through each page.  Victoria opens her heart and soul in sharing the multiple physical, emotional and sexual abuses she encountered beginning at the age of four.  What comes through the pages is that still, small voice in this abused child and woman that kept repeating, there is "A Way Out."  Here is a book worth reading, a book that celebrates the human spirit as it soars through the pain and fear of being a victim and grows into the joy of becoming the victor."

OU President, David Boren

"Congratulations for writing "A Way Out."  This book, written with so much courage and insight will give courage and inspiration to others.  Some day, the cycle of child abuse will be ended as our society is awakened by this book which is such an effective call to action."