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Victoria Lee is an Oklahoma Author and the Host of Making It Happen TV, which began in 2009.  She has written several books with others in the works.

Her mission is two-fold -

to bring awareness to the effects of abuse

and domestic violence.






Secondly, to help others achieve their dreams by encouraging them to tap into the talents that lie within them.

As she interviews distinguished and talented people who are making it happen in their lives, their stories ignite hope in others to pursue their own talents.

Victoria is convinced that if individuals tap into what their true talents are, they will begin to live fruitful lives and we as a society will profit from it.


When a person doesn't know their true value they tend to accept anything offered to them.  Thousands of people worldwide are living lives that bring them NO JOY because they haven't allowed themselves to become the person they were created to be.  

We all have a purpose that far exceeds what we can think or even imagine.  It's with a great desire that Victoria seeks to help people see who they are from the inside so they can bring it forth on the outside.

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What People Say About Victoria

"Because of previous association

with some of Victoria Lee's writings, we endorse her continued effort to promote Oklahomans and others who

have made a significant contribution

through their talents. 


This becomes a great tool for educating the public, as well as encouraging the youth of

America to pursue their own dreams.

Gini Campbell

Vice President

Oklahoma Hall of Fame

"Victoria, You are the most inspirational person I Know."

Ray Bingham

Music Promoter

"Victoria's Making It Happen TV Show will carry on in providing recognition to talented individuals and in turn provide inspiration to up and coming artists in pursuit of their dreams."

Jim P, Blair, Former Exec. Director - Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame

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