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Confirmed Guests

George Lopez - Actor, Comedian   -  Malin Akerman - Actress   
Christopher Rob Bowen - Actor   -  Bill Goldberg - Actor, Wrestler
Mark Edward Howell - Actor   -  Nathan Osmond - Singer   -  Isaac Witty - Comedian   
-  Bo Bice - Singer - Dalton Gray - Actor   -  Royal Wade Kimes - Singer   
Randy Wayne - Actor   -  Kent Rader - Comedian
Dan Baker - Chef   -  Trish Jenkins - Author   -  Casey Weston - Singer    
Mark Sherwood - Fitness   -  Jessie Lee Smith - Singer
Camille and Haley Harris - Singers   -  Brandon Randazzo - Singer  
Rich Romano - Screenwriter
Marty Tipton - The Oklahoma Kid Roper   -  Joshua Morrow - Actor   -  
Susie McEntire and Mark Eaton -Singers
Sharna Burgess - Dancing with the Stars
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James Tillis as Buster - Oprah's Boyfriend
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"We endorse Victoria's continued effort to promote
Oklahomans and others who have made a significant
contribution through their talents.  This becomes a great
tool for educating the public, as well as encouraging the
youth of America to pursue their own dreams."  
Gina Campbell -Oklahoma Hall of Fame

Author Victoria Lee has interviewed Twenty-four (24)
honorees of the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame.   Victoria’s
“Making It Happen” TV show will definitely carry on in
providing recognition to talented individuals and in turn
provide inspiration to up and coming artists to pursue
their dreams.

On behalf of the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame, I want to
congratulate Victoria on future success with “Making It
Happen TV”.   
Jim P. Blair - Executive Director
Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame
Business Professionals, Singers, Musicians, Actors, Authors, Comedians and other talented individuals.
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