Tulsa, Oklahoma, Making It Happen TV
Confirmed Guest
Going Across the Nation
and Beyond
Confirmed Guests

George Lopez - Actor, Comedian
Malin Akerman - Actress
Christopher Rob Bowen - Actor
Bill Goldberg - Actor, Wrestler
Mark Edward Howell - Actor
Nathan Osmond - Singer
Isaac Witty - Comedian
Bo Bice - Singer
Bailey Beede - Model, Actress
Dalton Gray - Actor
Royal Wade Kimes - Singer
Randy Wayne - Actor
Kent Rader - Comedian
Dan Baker - Chef
Trish Jenkins - Author
Casey Weston - Singer
Mark Sherwood - Fitness
Jessie Lee Smith - Singer
Camille and Haley Harris - Singers
Brandon Randazzo - Singer
Rich Romano - Screenwriter
Seeing Into the Heart of Talented
and Distinguished Individuals
Oklahoma Hall of Fame
Marty Tipton "The Oklahoma Kid" Roper
Joshua Morrow - Actor
Sharna Burgess - Dancing with the Stars
Susie McEntire and Mark Eaton