Victoria talking about Confidence.

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Victoria speaking on Confidence

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Victoria Lee is an Oklahoma author with eight books to her credit and another book in progress.  She is a professional speaker and television host who is the former founder and owner of A Touch of Heart Greeting Card Company.  She launched Making It Happen TV in 2009.  The show is an interview, educational and entertainment format. Her mission is to help others achieve their dreams by encouraging them to tap into their talents.  


As she interviews distinguished and talented people who are making it happen in their own lives, their stories ignite hope in others to pursue their own talents.


Some of the interviewed guests include singers, musicians, comedians, authors, actors, entrepreneurs and others.  Victoria is convinced that if individuals tap into what their true talents are they will begin to live fruitful lives and we, as a society, will profit from it.

Victoria's Books

Distinguished Oklahomans
200 Profiles
Movers and Shakers of Tulsa
100 Profiles
Coweta, Oklahoma
The First 100 Years
A Way Out
Victoria's Journey through abuse and the recovery process.
Shattered Dreams and Broken Hearts
Story of a traveling evangelist.
Amazing Grace
Amanda's short life.
Unforgettable Grady
The story of Coach Grady Skillern and his journey.
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